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This pure Papaya extract contains papain, a natural enzyme, vitamin A, E and C, and other anti-oxid..
Byco Ginger Lotion made from pure ginger and lemon grass extract as multipurpose lotion. Benefits·&..
Maxi Plus Mixed Fruit drink made from natural plants, it is a botanical beverage mix of fruits and..
My name is Shun Xin, I am 13. I used to have a little bit of constipation problem. This disturbance issue has been solved with Maxi Plus, I guess due to the fiber which contained in Maxi Plus Mixed fruit drink.
- Shun Xin
My name is Yong Wei Chong. I am 37 and I am fat. Always felt tired and lethargic especially after meal time. With Maxi Plus, it gives me more energy to last through the day.
- Wei Chong
My name is Farina. I am 33. My husband and I like Maxi Plus Mixed Fruit Drink so much because it tasted good.
I felt more energy as well with this juice.
- Farina
My name is Him Ooi, I am 36. I am a father with two kids. My occupation is graphic designer, need to stay up late to rush my work for due date quite often, as well as to take care of my family. Therefore, I always feel tiring. With Maxi Plus, it gives me more energy as well as look better complexion.
- Him Ooi